2018 Professional Continuing Education Seminar
Theme: Sustainable Livestock Production in Nigeria For Global Market
As Part of its statutory function, the Veterinary Council of Nigeria Announces the 2018 Professional Continue Education Seminar. Follow the instruction below to register.
  1. Certificate of attendance will only be given to members who participate till the end of the seminar and this will be collected in person.
  2. Veterinary Para-Professionals who are yet to register with the Council are exempted from providing VCN Reg. NO.
  3. There will be No cash collection at the venues for the payment of the seminar fees. However, there will be Point of Sale (POS) for Visa and Master debit cards at the two (2) centres.
  4. All are encouraged to register before getting to the venue and furnish the council with details by e-mail (vetcouncilnig_org@yahoo.com).
  5. There will be no cash collection at the venue because of our enrollment into the Treasury Single Account (TSA). Therefore, participants are to pay in the TS and bring the evidence of payment .
  6. You can pursue the procedure for payment on the VCN Website/portal (www.vcn.gov.ng).